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Air Source Heat Pumps

Air Source Heat Pumps

  Altherma From Daikin

Daikin Altherma is a highly flexible, energy efficient home heating system that extracts the heat from the outside air, raises this heat to a higher temperature and then distributes warmth around the home through high quality heating units. At the heart of the system lies an air to water heat pump.

Because of this advanced technology, three quarters of the heat generated by the Altherma system is absolutely free of charge! The Altherma air to water heat pump is today’s answer to the current and future problems associated with conventional heating systems, such as, increasing primary energy costs and an unacceptably high environmental impact.


The outdoor unit extracts heat from the outside air and raises its temperature to a level high enough to supply heating. This heat is then transferred to the indoor unit through refrigeration pipework (thus, the additional advantage is that the pipes can never freeze). The compact outdoor unit is easily installed as no drilling or excavation work is required.

The Hydrobox transfers the heat to the water circulating in the underfloor heating, radiators or fan coil units and also to the domestic hot water tank. If you opt for the combination of heating and cooling, then the indoor unit can also decrease the water temperature to distribute a refreshing coolness.

As for domestic hot water, Altherma is just as clever. The unique layout and special placement of the system components maximises energy efficiency. The water inside the storage tank is primarily warmed up by thermal energy from the outside air, thanks to the heat pump. The combination of an electric element, in the upper part of the tank, and the heat pump heat exchanger, in the lower part of the tank, ensures the lowest possible energy consumption with rapid water heating. In addition, a built in disinfection function can automatically raise the water temperature to 70°C or higher to prevent the risk of bacteria growth.

Altherma has the option to integrate with solar panels to heat the domestic hot water tank. A simple enabling kit connected to the Altherma domestic hot water tank can automatically switch from heat pump to the solar panel when there is sufficient heat available to heat the water tank. This means not only will sustainable free energy come from the air via the Altherma heat pump, but also from the sun via the solar panel.


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