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F Gas

What Are F - Gases and How Does it Affect me?

Space Services have the Knowledge, abiltiy and the qualifications to assist you in complying with the F-Gas requlations, we are certified to  carry out all the required checks on your equipment and can provide and maintain all of the relevent information and records required to meet the current regulations.

Please take some time to read and absorb the following information to see how the F- Gas regulations will affect your company

What Are F- Gases

F - Gases -  Hydrofluorocarbons(HFCs), Perfluorocarbons (PFCs) and Sulphur Hexaflouride (SF6)  are new safe industrial gases used in a number of applications including Industrial Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems.

F - Gases Replaced the Ozone Depleting CFCs and HCFCs in the 1990s. They are Non Ozone Depleating, have low Toxicity levels and most of them are Non Flammable. However, They do have a relatively high Global Warming Potential (GWP)


What This Means and How It Affects You

Operators of All Air Conditioning and Refrigeration equipment are now obligated to take all measures that are  technically and economically feasible to  prevent and minimise leakage of Fluorinated gases.

What are the Leak Checking Requirements?

Periodical "manual" Leakage Checks must be carried out by certified personnel according to the following schedule:


 Applications Containing > 3 Kg of F Gases   Check Required Every 12 Months 
 Applications Containing > 30 Kgs of F Gases   Check Required Every 6 Months 
 Applications Containing > 300 Kgs of F Gases   Check Required Every 3 Months






 Equipment must be checked for leakage within one month after a leak has been repaired to ensure that the repair has been effective. "Checked for leakage means that the equipment or system is examined for leakage using direct or indirect measuring methods, focusing on those parts of the equipment most likely to leak.

On top of this requirement for a periodical "manual" leakage check operators of equipment containing 300 Kg or more of F Gases must install Leakage detection systems which must be checked annually

When an appropriate correctly functioning leakage detection system is in place, the frequency of the periodical "manual" checks required for systems over 30 Kg shall be halved.

Operators of equipment containing 3 Kg or more of F Gases must maintain records on the quantity and type of Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases installed, any quantities added and recovered during servicing, maintenance and final disposal.                                        

Operators should also maintain records of other information including the identification of the company and or the technician who performed the servicing or maintenance, as well as the dates and results of the checks carried out and relevent information specifically identifying the separate stationary equipment. These records shall be made available on request to Defra and to the commission.



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